​​The XLIXth CONGRESS of the ICMH:

“The Role of the Military in Political Transitions: from the 18th century to the present day"



Editorial Guidelines for the Conference Papers​

Editorial Guidelines for the Conference Papers​​​

The Editorial Committee of the XLIXth CONGRESS of the ICMH will provide a fair peer review of the submitted papers.

The Editors will first assess the papers’ conformity to these Editorial Guidelines and then ask at least two national/international reviewers to review the papers matching these rules. If the reviewers suggest any modifications/additions/omissions, the author shall implement all these changes to their papers. Upon these changes, if any, approved by the reviewers, the papers will be accepted for publication in the ACTA.



​Timeframes for the Conference Papers

30 June 2024​​​

​Last day of registration with the abstract of the paper

10 July 2024

Announcement of the papers accepted (via e-mail to the authors)

​10 August 2024

Last day for submitting a shorter version of the paper to be read at the Congress

​20 August 2024

Last day for submitting the full (provisional) version of the paper to be made available for downloading on the Congress website

​​01-06 September 2024

the XLIXth CONGRESS of the ICMH (maximum 20 minutes for oral presentations)


​​15 December 2024

Last day for submitting the final written version of the paper (in compliance with the editorial guidelines provided and ready for printing in the ACTA)​

As per “Guidance for Organizing ICMH International Congresses” by the International Commission of Military History (ICMH),​

a. Timeframes have been established by the Host Committee.

b. Proposals of papers/presentations must be endorsed by the National Commissions. Therefore, proposals submitted through the Congress’ website (https://congresso.defesa.gov.pt) need to be endorsed by the author’s/presenter’s National Commission. 

    The endorsement might be given by the President of National Commission (or their delegates) via an e-mail written to the Host Commission’s Academic Assistant.

c. The Host Commission has the authority to accept, reject, or request amending proposals of papers or papers, according to their coherence with the general theme of the Congress and scientific quality. The Host Commission’s decision is ratified by the ICMH  ​ExBoard.